Crystal Eire Easter Gift Ideas

Top five gifts to give this Easter

Easter is coming and you want to run from the chocolate and rabbits? Check our top five gift ideas to make this Easter more creative.

1. Jewellery

Sophisticated jewellery are always good gifts. From the vintage classic pearl necklaces to different colourful stone bracelets, earrings and rings, the different options for a perfect gift which will give a shine to your Easter you can find on Crystaleire. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, the mother of pearl jewellery will suit you perfectly.

2. Belleek

Traditional and elegant, Belleek pottery is a gift to remember. At our shop you can find not only vases, bowls and pitchers but all kinds of creative gifts with the beauty of Belleek. Mugs, gift boxes, picture frames and beautiful lamps will bring elegance to the occasion.

3. Galway Crystal

Crystal is always a good choice when you want to give something significant and delicate at the same time. Glasses, bowls, bells and ornaments makes crystal a versatile option and gives you a lot of different ideas for the perfect gift.

4. Candles

Simple, colourful and meaningful candles can be a heart to heart gift without losing its elegance. On Crystaleire you can find different designs of crystal and Belleek candleholders. Another good idea are candles and fragrance trays, candle gardens with stones are also a beautiful decoration gift.

5. Clocks

It’s never too late to give a clock as a gift, our Tipperary and Galway crystal clocks will certainly surprise anyone. With different shapes and designs, some of them are suitable for engraving, so why not give a beautiful decoration piece with a message of your choice?

To find out more about our range of products you can check out the pictures, videos and more details by clicking here:

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Five Crystal Gift Options for a 15th Wedding Anniversary

Crystal glass makes beautiful, elegant and timeless wedding anniversary gifts. Crystal is the traditional gift given to couples on their 15th wedding anniversary. Here we highlight five of the best crystal gift options. Whether the couple in question loves the classics, enjoys a tipple, lives in domestic bliss, is very house proud or has a big family, we’ve got suggestions for all walks of life.

 Wedding gifts

Best for Classic Couples

Best for couples who enjoy a tipple with friends and exude elegance and sophistication. A classic gift that is always well received, choose from some slender champagne flutes or go vintage with coupe glasses. A set of whiskey tumblers will delight the scotch, bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts, while you can’t go wrong with a gift of wine glasses.

Best for Wine & Luxury Lovers

Oenophiles will delight in anything relative to their favourite beverage. Think beyond a set of crystal wine glasses, they are sure to have lots already. Instead look to options like crystal wine decanters, crystal wine stoppers and carafes.  If they are a lover of white or rose, gift them with a crystal ice bucket and wine cooler.

Best for Foodies & Hosts

If the couple you are gifting own a slow cooker, go on food holidays and own a myriad of cookbooks, they will adore crystal tableware. Foodies love everything related to epicurean delights, including how they are presented. Tantalise their taste buds with a crystal centres piece, set of ware, or a candelabra, and you’ll ensure your invitation to dinner parties for years to come.

Best for Interior Buffs & Yummy Mummies

Crystal vases, bowls and clocks all have a place. Loved in the home of interior gurus, house proud home makers and yummy mummies, a beautiful crystal bowl will adorn their coffee table. An elegant vase for flowers is always appreciated. Crystal votive candles set an atmosphere and can also make a lovely gift. If they have a home office, consider a crystal paper weight.

Best for All the Family

If they are a couple who have lots of photo albums and pictures on display, why not gift them with a crystal frame? It’s a beautiful gift to commemorate a special family occasion such as a child’s birth, christening or communion. If the family have an overflowing bookshelf on display, help them organise it by gifting them with crystal book ends, which will look very chic on display.

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How to Care for Crystal Glass

Crystal glass trophies and awards can be a common feature in many households. You may have received one as a gift or perhaps you or a family member may have got a crystal glass award as a result of winning a sporting event or doing good work in the community or elsewhere. Whatever the case, you will want to ensure that your crystal glass stays in good condition and continues to sparkle on your mantelpiece from the day that you place it there.

Crystal trophies and awards

 In order to help you to ensure that your crystal stays in pristine condition, we have put together expert tips on how to care for crystal glass.

  • Never put your precious crystal in a dishwasher. Gentle hand washing will rejuvenate your crystal glassware whereas a dishwasher may etch or discolour it.
  • Store your crystal where it won’t touch other items.
  • Avoid using boiling hot water to clean crystal. Use only warm water for washing and for rinsing. Be aware that sudden changes of temperature can cause minute cracks on the inside of the glass that will cause it to lose the originality clarity.
  • More glassware is broken during washing than at any other time so take precautions against this. Place a rubber mat on the bottom of the sink before filling it with water so that it can create a soft base and prevent glasses from rolling about the sink and potentially chipping.
  • To clean your crystal glass add warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar into a basin/the sink. The vinegar will cause the glass to dry very quickly and you can then use a special glass cloth to lightly dry your crystal glass.
  • If gentle cleaning is not sufficient to clean dirt marks from a glass, add a teaspoon of clothing detergent/softener into the sink and leave overnight.
  • Do not store crystal glasses upside down as it can put stress to the rim, which is very delicate.
  • If your crystal breaks and you can save it, use a clear-drying epoxy that was made just for glass and glue it back together. Then set in the sun if possible to aid the bonding process.
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Crystal Eire Launches New Collection of Christmas Gifts and Ornaments

Crystal Eire, one of Ireland’s fastest growing contemporary crystal companies, has just launched a unique range of Christmas ornaments and gifts. The stunning ornaments are perfect gifts for your  nearest and dearest this Christmas.

The collection includes the Galway Crystal Irish Snowman – beautiful crystal Christmas ornament fantastic for the tree with its traditional Irish hat and gold shamrock. Also, an impressive piece – the Belleek Nativity Dome Votive- this comes with a battery operated flickering candle making it not only stunning but safe. In addition, the collection also offers the Crystal Ice Angel Votive – a very festive multi-faceted gem crystal votive / t-light holder that sparkles from the light of the flickering candle.

Liam Caulfield, CEO OF Crystal Eire says, “I am delighted to bring these stunning, quality Christmas gifts and ornaments together and making them available in plenty of time for Christmas. Buy one or build a collection for yourself, or for someone you care about.”

The new collection is available on the Crystal Eire website now.

About Crystal Eire

Crystal Eire is one of Ireland’s fastest growing contemporary cut crystal companies.

We design our own range of crystal and with our in house art/design department, we can personally enhance your choice of crystal, engraving your individual message; be it for a company recognition trophy or award, a sports trophy or award or a message of affection.

Along with the Crystal Eire range of gifts, corporate awards and sports achievement awards; we are delighted to be able to offer a range of products from Tipperary Crystal,Belleek Giftware, Patrick Guilbaud, Galway Crystal, Galway Living and Rynhart Fine Art Bronze.

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Crystal Glass-More than just Prettiness

Crystal is perhaps one of the most beautiful materials known to man. It is often associated with wealth and prestige. These days it is quite common to see a crystal glass ornament in someone’s home or see a wealthy lady adorned in Swarovski crystals. However, have you ever wondered when exactly crystal became popular? And in fact how it is produced?

There is endless interesting facts about crystal that you have probably never heard of, for example, Swarovski is actually just as important to the industrial industry as it is for fashion purposes; their crystal and glass technology is used for industrial grinding wheels, in the optics industry and as lighting for the road and transport industry.

Furthermore, the process of actually making crystal is considerably interesting. Find out everything you could possibly want to know about crystal and more with our infographic below.

Crystal Glass

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