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Order by Phone: 01-8406980

Order by Phone: 01-8406980

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Welcome to Caulfield Glass, the home of Crystal Eire.

Liam Caulfield is an extremely talented Dubliner, working and living in Swords, North County Dublin. Caulfield Glass was established in 2000 and his company has expanded rapidly over the last ten years. His team are all highly skilled and trained in their specialised field, providing excellent customer service, while developing their own unique and stylish brand, Crystal Eire.

Liam's main artistic influences come from the Irish arts, with his inspirational work being sought and bought throughout the world. It is probably the sophistication and individuality of Crystal Eire work and craftsmanship that has organisations, professionals and individuals selecting Caulfield Glass as their continued preference.

Our in-house Art & Design department consider no job too small and every order is treated with the same care, attention to detail and level of importance. Our enormous range of products, suitable for any occasion, coupled with our diversity of skills and knowledge, makes us the perfect choice every time, realistically and affordably priced.

Caulfield Glass continues to win many awards worldwide for our artwork and glassware.

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